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Choosing to Install a Metal Roof

For many years now, metal has been announced throughout the industry as the most flexible roof product offered. Supporters sing the commends of metal: it? s. strong, long lasting, low-maintenance, recyclable, foreseeable and trustworthy. Metal. roofing also lends itself well to lots of design elements presently used in today? s. architecture. Hips, valleys, slope dormers, shifts and modifications are all available. to the designer. Roofing Contractors at WorkNevertheless, one should be very careful when selecting a metal roof system. The. designer has to specify a panel that can be utilized in each of the design aspects he. plans to include into the roofing system. These aspects, coupled with the choice of. roof slopes, trim information and exactly how the panel is to be attached to the base. should be the managing consider choosing the correct roofing system panel. Frequently this selection is based upon secondary factors to consider such as panel rib height,. spacing or shape. Sometimes, it is based on exactly what was used on the last project;. even though the designs are not similar. Selecting a roof panel based upon the. incorrect criteria typically results in a misapplied roof, that leaks constantly and leaves. everyone involved with a bad impression of metal roof. Metal roofing manufacturers are willing and all set to discuss the application. parameters for each of their products. Nevertheless, it is good to have at least a. basic idea about the application parameters of some of the most common. profiles. Metal roofing can be divided into lots of different classifications, but for. our purposes, we will divide metal roofing into two categories: Through-Fastened. and Standing Joint.

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